From Morning To Midnight | Production Sound

Production Sound for ‘From Morning To Midnight’ – Performed by CDT at The Royal Central School Of Speech and Drama.


The production called for the use of 11 Outputs from Qlab, 8 from Ableton and 2 from MainStage all running simultaneously as well as a live vocal mic.
This ran into the DM1000 and out to 14 separate speakers. The Sound Design featured a Left, Right, Center, Spot, 6 Surrounds, 2 Upstage speakers and 2 subs.
The rigging was predominately on gantries, so studding was made up for the left, center and right (500mm studding) and Surrounds (300mm studding).
The Midi keyboard located on stage was run over MIDI – XLR Adapters to FOH where we could change patch.

The design of the show was very un naturalistic and the FOH position/seating was also non symmetrical to make the audience feel uncomfortable. To accommodate for changes to the layout or design, it made sense to run a Dante network for the amplifiers (and one vocal mic!). This meant we only had to run 2 cables to the amp room allowing easy change.
The Dante network also meant that we could have Dante virtual sound card running allowing easy connection of the Qlab, Ableton and MainStage computers to the desk.

Because the MY16 Dante card is limited to 16in/16out. We used the second slot on the DM1000 for ADAT where Abelton was routed into the desk from the Fireface UFX.


– Yamaha DM1000
– 2 x Yamaha Rio1608
– RME Fireface UFX
– MY16 Dante Card
– MY16 ADAT Card
– Cisco SG300-10 Network Switch

– 4 x d&b Audiotechnik e3
– 2 x d&b Audiotechnik q-sub
– 6 x d&b Audiotechnik epac v3
– 6 x Electrovoice S40
– 2 x JBL Control 1
– 1 x Yamaha 6150
– 1 x Yamaha P2500