Canon EOS R Launch Event | PSE

Canon EOS R Launch

Canon decided to unveil their new camera at Shoreditch Electric Light Station this year. The brief was to construct a utopian land 400 years in the future, in order to create a new world to test out the Canon EOS R Camera.

The brief certainly came with its challenges, most notably the large brick walls of the space, hiding speakers, and control being in a room no where near any of the action!

Being the national centre for circus arts, naturally the vast brick walls of Shoreditch Electric Light Station were very reverberant. Whilst we gained some help from the set construction for the event in order to dissipate some sound, the room was still quite lively.
EM Acoustics HALO C was chosen as the ‘Main PA’ in this room because of a number of factors.
The Halo Compact box offers a great power to weight ratio in its compact factor, which was perfect when sight lines and loading needed to be considered. Not only this, but the Halo C’s very controlled dispersion helped keep sound off the walls and only where needed.

A total of 36 speakers and 30 outputs from Qlab were used to distribute the sound in the artificial world. Notably every room having a different soundscape. In many cases, these speakers were hidden amongst the dressing and scenery where possible.

Control took place in a room about 30m from the main space, with no visual sight lines.
Not only this, but because of the age and type of the building, the only cable run to this room was absolutely tiny, meaning that the whole show had to be controlled from 2 cat5e cables.
Despite these factors, the use of VLans and trunking certainly came in to play. We implemented Dante, Video, OSC, and Amplifier Control down the same single cat5e cable, with the other cat5e being used for MADI.
This worked to great effect and didn’t have any detrimental effects to the Dante stream either. Video latency was also tuned down to just under 1 second, which in theatre is quite a lot, but certainly good for an IP Camera!
OSC Was used to trigger the lighting cues including those for the ‘Portal’ and events in the main space.
With the amplifiers about 50m away and locked in a cupboard, the networking function of the IPDs certainly helped check they were all okay.


– DiGiCo S21 w/ Dante & MADI DMI Cards
– Redundant Qlab System
– Mac Book Pro (Video)

– 7 x EM Acoustics Halo C
– 4 x EM Acoustics EMS 121X
– 2 x EM Acoustics EMS 61
– 8 x EM Acoustics EMS 51
– 1 x EM Acoustics i8
– 2 x Martin Audio WS218X
– 2 x Martin Audio XD12
– 8 x Pro 104a
– 1 x MiniRig 2
– 1 x Alto TX8 (Show Relay)

– 1 x EM Acoustics DQ20
– 1 x MC2 E4-75
– 4 x IPD 2400
– 3 x IPD 1200
– 1 x Cloud CXA850

– 2 x Cisco SG300-10PP
– 1 x Cisco SG300-10
– 2 x Dante AVIO XLR Output Adapter
– 2 x Reolink IP Cameras

– 1 x Sennheiser G3 IEM System

– 2 x AKG C451B (Relay Mics)
– 1 x Sennheiser SKM300-845 (God Mic)