Aladdin | Microphones

Spillers Pantomimes’ Aladdin in the Epsom Playhouse.

The Dame
With lots of costume changes and layers of clothing sweat is inevitable. Sweat getting into the body packs can easily cause them to loose RF or even become untunable. Not to mention damaging and rusting the circuitry.
The cheapest method for waterproofing these batteries seemed to be latex balloons. 100 12′ latex balloons were ordered for ~£6. These balloons just fitted over the body packs.
Against Sanitary towels or Condoms, these proved cheapest and most effective.
The belt clip was removed when the balloon is fitted over it and put back on after the balloon is over the whole body. Thankfully this doesn’t really cause the balloon to rip or sweat to get in.

Going Rechargeable
1200 Varta Industrial AA Batteries were ordered for the run of the Pantomime. This was 41 performances and a week of tech/dress/previews.
Shortly into the run it became apparent that even though the run was only from the 16th December to the 8th January. Rechargeable batteries would be able to make their money back. Mainly due to there being at least 2 and sometimes 3 performances a day.
The show featured 11 radio microphones: 10 body packs and 1 Handheld, used briefly for the song sheet at the end.
The handheld is only on for 15 minutes and doesn’t need its battery changed, so didn’t require the use of rechargeable batteries.

40, 2100MaH Varta AA rechargeable batteries were ordered allowing 20 to be in the microphones during the performance and 20 to be in the wings charging.
5 Smart AA Chargers (Made by UniRoss) were purchased and rack mounted allowing easy access to the charging of batteries.
These chargers had multiple settings including different charging rates and a ‘refresh’ setting allowing the batteries to be drained fully and charged back up again automatically.
From research when looking for the rechargeable batteries, refreshing the batteries every month seemed to be key to maintain the health of the batteries.